Fedcoin or What’s in your cyberwallet?

Do you know about the current Federal digital currency, Fedwire?
Heard yet about the coming Fedcoin, the federal cyber currency for the rest of us?
If not you may want to do some homework! Just sayin’

I can see the ads now:
“Your wallet, Just leave home without it!”
(But bring your phone)

More soon
Ok to get you started, check out David Andolfatto’s blog http://andolfatto.blogspot.com
BTW David is the Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’ Economic Research branch.
Do a search for FedCoin.

Which foods give you the most Resistant Starch bang for your buck?

Sadly, there’s no universal guide that says how much RS is in whole foods and never will be as levels vary from plant to plant and with processing and varied cooking & cooling times.

But there are a handful of studies to give us approximate amounts.

  • Green bananas Peel a single raw small fruit for 38 g.  (RS2)
  • Potatoes Roast one medium spud and then let it cool for 33 g. (RS3)
  • Rolled oats ½ cup uncooked IN muesli or sprinkle over yogurt for 8.5 g. (RS2)
  • White beans Puree 1 cup for a tasty dip and you’ll get 10.5 g.
  • White rice Just ⅔ cup of the cooked stuff gives you about 5 g.
    Cooling can raise that to 50%!
  • Pasta Let 1 cup cooked pasta cool and add it to a salad for 5 g. (RS3)
  • Lentils Only ½ cup cooked yields about 5 g.
  • Frozen peas Steam or microwave ½ cup, let them cool, and toss in a salad for 5 g. (RS3)
  • Cashews Chomp on 1 oz of raw  (18 nuts) for 3.5 g. (RS2)
  • Storage of cereal products at 4°C  from 12 to 24 h significantly increased RS.

9 Foods That Are High in Resistant Starch
I don’t agree with all their preparation suggestions as they don’t address the difference between RS2 & RS3 very well.

More to come as I find them

The microbiome revolution

The Life In and On Us
The Life In and On Us

The last few years have made it clear that our bodies are full of bacteria and fungi. Not as a disease but as a essential part of the body we inhabit.  In fact of all the cells in our bodies less than 10% are human! Over 90% of what we consider “I” is made up of bateria, fungi and viruses.

If that doesn’t make taking antibiotics scary check your pulse!

The intestines have as many nerves as the spine and produces most of the same neurochemicals as the brain!

The composition of the society of you affects every aspects of your BodyMind! from how you feel, your personality, your health, your weight etc etc.
Research is connecting microbes to conditions as diverse as obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, food allergies, neurological and psychiatric disorders and the list goes on – and will surely grow.  MORE DETAILS

Curious as to what life you’re sharing you body with?  For  just $99  you can get a detailed analysis and add to the world’s knowledge by becoming a citizen scientist and getting a kit or kits from americangut (links to other countries available there) and get a microbiome report for yourself, your family or even your pets.


Steakhouse quality baked potatoes

For steakhouse quality baked potatoes cooks.com comes thru again!

On the oil step  I use Garlic and pepper infused oil (So Yummy)

I always cook more than needed for the moment and refrigerate.
Always vent your Tater!

2 min in MWave brings the cold potato back to 80% of its fresh hot glory!
Skin tasty not crisp. 🙁  Higher content of RS 🙂
Read about  Resistant Starch Here