Since I use a wide variety of words and often make up words if needed.

RDS    Rapidly Digestible Starch

RS      Resistant Starch

(from Wikipedia’s RS entry)
RS1 – Physically inaccessible or indigestible resistant starch, such as that found in seeds or legumes and unprocessed whole grains.
RS2 – Resistant starch is inaccessible to enzymes due to starch conformation, as in high amylose corn starch
RS3 – Resistant starch that is formed when starch-containing foods are cooked and cooled, such as pasta. Occurs due to retrogradation, which refers to starch becoming less soluble after being heated and then cooled.
RS4 – Starches that have been chemically modified to resist digestion

RS5 – (Some claim this) Bound to oil to make it resistive

SDS   Slowly  Digestible Starch